S e r v i c e s

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Corporate presentations, Keynotes & Conferences

Tim's story is entertaining and inspiring, reminding us that everyone can be a positive change-maker. With a wealth of life experience and a thorough understanding of complex issues, Tim is a great choice for a range of events.

Talks at schools, businesses & events

Tim has delivered over 200 presentations at school, businesses and events around the world. Whether you require an immersive educational seminar or a motivational talk, Tim will adapt his presentation to your needs. 


Film Screenings

Tim has facilitated dozens of film screenings to schools, businesses and communities around Australia. Educational films coupled with an introduction and Q&A facilitated by Tim are a fantastic way to engage a broad range of people in complex issues in a light-hearted way. Available films include: BLUE, Bag It, The Clean Bin Project and more.

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Tim is a highly skilled and respected professional with a thorough knowledge and passion to solve complex challenges in relation to waste, resource recovery, plastic pollution, marketing/ communications and the transition to a circular economy. Tim has a range of skilled consultants in his broad network who can assist on projects of any size. 


Brand Ambassador

Tim is a highly respected and recognisable figure making him an excellent candidate for partnerships with aligned causes and brands. 

T e s t i m o n i a l s

Tim is just what the world needs. He has an equal measure of passion and intelligence and takes a modern savvy approach to inspiring and mobilising young people for the health of the planet, particularly the marine world.
— Penelope Figgis AO Director Australian Committee for IUCN
Tim is a passionate campaigner and educator. We need people like Tim to advance the battle to save the planet so it is bigger, more inclusive and better informed.
— Jeff Angel Executive Director, Total Environment Centre