There’s No Time to Waste

In this engaging presentation or address Tim will unveil the scale of the waste crisis and provide a call to action to do something NOW.

Capturing the Conscious Consumer

The consumption climate is changing. In this presentation suitable to all levels of staff Tim introduces the array of reasons to adapt to customer demands and new legislative framework. 

Circular Economy 101

What is the Circular Economy? How can it solve our most complex sustainability challenges? Is it as exciting as it sounds? All will be revealed in this eye-popping presentation suitable to business, government, education and other groups.

Becoming Waste Wise at Work

What are YOU doing at work to reduce your waste footprint? This tailored presentation to suit your business will inspire staff and management alike to take simple actions to become waste wise at work.

It’s Time to Stop Trashing the Planet

We've been polluting the planet for centuries but it's the large scale impacts of the last 50-60 years of mass consumption that pose the greatest risks.

Learn more about the problem and the measures needed to reduce the impacts and create a pathway to a #trashfreefuture.

An introduction to Plastic Pollution and Take 3

What is plastic pollution and why is there so much attention being drawn to it? 

Learn about the impact plastic is having on the oceans and the vast array of solutions being developed to solve it from co-founder of Take 3, Tim Silverwood.

Twelve Tips for a Trash Free Future

'12 Tips for a Trash Free Future' is Tim Silverwood's simple toolkit for how we can all contribute to a future with less waste. 

Let Tim guide you through the actions to drastically reduce waste and the associated negative impacts on the environment and resources.



Tim is just what the world needs. He has an equal measure of passion and intelligence and takes a modern savvy approach to inspiring and mobilising young people for the health of the planet, particularly the marine world.
— Penelope Figgis AO Director, Australian Committee for IUCN
Tim is a passionate campaigner and educator. We need people like Tim to advance the battle to save the planet so it is bigger, more inclusive and better informed.
— Jeff Angel Executive Director, Total Environment Centre