Waste Reform


Plastic pollution is regularly the result of inadequate waste management practices and policies around the world. The ocean is, after all, downhill from everywhere.

Tim is an active campaigner for waste reform globally and lends his skills to a number of active projects advocating contemporary solutions to this modern problem. Tim is a spokesperson for the Boomerang Alliance, Australia’s premier agency striving for waste and recycling reform. Tim has played an active role in the Cash for Containers campaign pushing for a National 10 cent container deposit scheme on beverage containers. Tim is also co-founder of Plastic Bag Free NSW striving for a State and National ban on plastic bags.

Tim is a skilled consultant to all levels of government, industry, small business and community groups on waste management reform. Please contact Tim or visit the bookings page for more information


Plastic Pollution

Tim’s premier passion is the issue of plastic pollution, otherwise known as marine debris.

Waste Reform

Plastic pollution is by and large the result of inadequate waste management practices and policies around the world. 

‘Genuine’ Sustainability

The 21st century needs a framework for ‘genuine’ sustainability and this exists in the principles of the Circular Economy. 

Sustainable Alternatives to Disposable Products

In an effort to promote alternatives to wasteful and polluting disposable products Tim established ReChusable in 2012.


Since 2011 Tim has personally educated over 50,000 students from over 100 schools around Australia.

Ocean Conservation

Tim lends his support to many projects and campaigns to bring attention to important ocean conservation issues.