Used for minutes. Lasts forever?

Used for minutes. Lasts forever?

Plastic Pollution

Tim’s premier passion is the issue of plastic pollution, otherwise known as marine debris. As a passionate surfer Tim has encountered the issue of plastic pollution his entire life but became an active campaigner for the cause in 2009 with the launch of Take 3. 

"If we're serious about sustainability, we have to start with waste."

"If we're serious about sustainability, we have to start with waste."

Waste Reform

Plastic pollution is by and large the result of inadequate waste management practices and policies around the world. The ocean is unfortunately downhill from everywhere so saving the oceans means stopping waste on land.

‘Genuine’ Sustainability

The word ‘sustainable’ has become a washed out idiom, patronising the true meaning of the word. The 21st century needs a framework for ‘genuine’ sustainability and this exists in the principles of the Circular Economy. 

Sustainable Alternatives to Disposable Products

In an effort to promote alternatives to wasteful and polluting disposable products Tim established ReChusable in 2012. ReChusable provide sustainable alternatives to disposable products wholesale and retail. 

Education & Activation

Since 2011 Tim has personally educated over 100,000 students from over 100 schools around Australia. 

Tim has an insatiable appetite for education and visions to create innovative resources and methodology to inspire and activate the education sector to embrace genuine sustainability into the future.

Ocean Conservation

Tim lends his support to many projects and campaigns to bring attention to important ocean conservation issues.